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Camy Tapalaga: The power of YOUR WORDS. Live Stream #725.

by Mspino


Camy is a Life Skills Coach who is committed to personal development. She believe in acceptance, connection and communication.

Camy speaks 4 different languages. She is a published author and for over 2 decades now, she has helped her clients with Profound Massage Therapy sessions. Once you work with her, you will develop a complete understanding of who you are, where are going, where in your body you store your pain... and she will teach you how to release those pain points so you can move to a higher feeling-good place.

We invite you to connect directly with Camy. Book a session. Explore what is possible for you. Discover the power of your words in your body, in your life and in your future.

Thank you for watching. Thank you for sharing this livestream with those who will benefit from this content.

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