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Define your Real Estate Investing Style. Stream #676.

by Mspino

Define your Real Estate Investing Style. Stream #676.

by Mspino

Most people want to invest in everything they first see when they first get started in real estate... and that is a very risky approach because not all deals out there are good profitable deals.

If you are starting the real estate investing arena you are much better to focus your attention on easy simple deals.

Maybe a wholesale. Maybe a light rehab. Maybe a new construction. Maybe partnering up with a seasoned-investor. Maybe partnering up with a mentor who is into the deal himself or herself.

Defining your own style will dictate the time you invest, the energy you invest, the money you invest and the profits that you will ultimately make.

Be thoughtful to think long term...

Be mindful to do your numbers right.

Be a student always, even if you have been doing the business for years... there is something to learn every day.

Now, if you would like to connect with me... call me... 786.663.0514

If you want to invest in real estate, in single family homes, new homes... call me... 786.663.0514

I wish you a wonderful day... and I thank you for watching and for sharing this show!

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