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Meet RAJ ANDERSON: Life Coach & Business Strategist. Live Stream #113.

by Mspino
8 years and 5 months ago

Welcome to another show of mspinoLIVE.

Today is our 113th LIVESTREAM TV Show and it is about : "RAJ ANDERSON: LIFE COACH & BUSINESS STRATEGIST."

From a very strict upbringing, abusive environment and living a a very accomplished and successful Life & Business Coach and Strategist... Raj has a huge heart and the willingness to help Business owners and Entrepreneurs become even more successful.

Her coaching style is very unique...

- She offers 1:1- face-to-face, phone and online sessions
- Business coaching
- Executive coaching
- Team coaching
- Action learning

Raj has the unique ability to put together programs/systems to fit the specific criteria of any business model in any industry... addressing the biggest challenges of that business in any area... for example: if a business owner is having a hard time training his/her team... Raj will assess the situation and come up with a strategic plan of action to eradicate that issue. If there is a problem within an organization with the top leaders, she will create the specific leadership training for those leaders and she will implement a new path to increase their results.

Raj expertise, knowledge and leadership extends also to other topics, such as:

- Learning NLP
- Vision planning board
- Branding and Image congruence in Business and Personal
- Leadership programs

When you work with Raj... she will create a "DAZZLE EFFECT" in your business and in your life... because we all are a rough diamond... and we all deserve to SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND, just like her.

To contact Raj directly... please send her an email: or

And don't forget to:
LAUGH. LEARN. LIVE AT YOU BEST....that's our LATEST slogan for the show... because we want to make you laugh every time you watch our shows... we want you to learn new things, new ideas, new strategies that will help you in your own life every day... we want that you live a better life ... WE WANT YOU TO LIVE AT YOUR BEST... you deserve it... we all deserve it... so why not start TODAY.

We are very happy to bring this show to you and we are committed to make you LAUGH, LEARN & LIVE AT YOUR BEST.

Feel free to reach out to us and if you or someone you know would like to be part of our LIVE show, give us a call, send us an email, chat on Facebook.

Thank you for watching our show today and please, please , please share with the world.

Remember, someone out there needs a word of hope TODAY.

We are LIVE Monday-Friday at 12:00 Noon (EST) on

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