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1,000,000 LIVE Success Stories...Live Stream #1. Nov 24, 2014.

by Mspino

Hello World,

We just wanted to share with you all this project we are sure will change the world in a positive way.

We have committed to collect 1,000,000 LIVE SUCCESS STORIES from people from all over the world to INSPIRE, TEACH and BRING HOPE, KNOWLEDGE, LOVE, DREAMS, GOALS, POSITIVITY, INSPIRATION, SOLUTIONS and WISDOM.

Collectively, we can make a huge difference and a positive contribution to the world.


Please share this link with everyone you know, their friends, and their friends and pass it along.

It is totally FREE.

You can create your FREE account here:

Then, create your TV channel to do it on a live stream or you can upload your video from your phone, computer, tablet, iPad.

MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR STORY on the "1,000,000 LIVE SUCCESS STORIES" category so we can all keep track of how many stories we have collectively.

We THANK YOU deeply for sharing your story here.

Now, Let's go and tell the World.

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