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Welcome to my channel MILLIONAIRE APPROACH. In this channel, I will share with you my personal experiences about what is like living your life every day as a millionaire. Usually people think that it is impossible to have an awesome life every day... and I am living proof that this is so far from the truth. When you focus and you do what you are meant to do EVERYTHING is possible. I came into this amazing country, the United Sates of America back on September 14 of 1991... I was 20 years old with my immediate family... all we brought from Cuba was a pretty old empty bag with some letters for our friends and relatives and my childhood black-white pictures, that was it. Period. We arrived to start a new life full of new dreams and new opportunities... and we found it!!! Like everyone else, we have had many, many, many challenges, problems, circumstances that we have had to resolve. And we still do because there is always a new challenge to solve... but what I can assure you is that when you focus on SUCCESS, in doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to fulfill your dreams... the UNIVERSE will bend backwards to deliver your wish. I want to share in this channel my humble experience in life and in business... and if you relate, if you resonate with any of my experiences... I will be very glad to help you in every way possible for you to achieve your own dreams, because IT IS POSSIBLE!!! I chose "Millionaire Approach" as the title for this channel because this is also the title of my book I wrote back in 2008 while I took a couple of years off to reconnect with my inner-self at a deeper level. Finding my true self again was by far one of the most exhilarating experiences and breakthroughs I have ever experienced... and now, I am ready to share with my friends what it was like, how I managed to get from the dark place I was to this delicious, happy, joyful, awesome place I am today. Thank you all for connecting and being part of my life. Sincerely, Ms. Pino.
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Millionaire Approach to Life


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