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Welcome to HOTEL Reviews... we love to travel and we want to share our personal experiences as we travel the world. Hotels are one of those things I am always intrigued by. Since I was a little girl, my parents always took me on vacation to the best hotels they could afford... for us, that hotel was in Cuba, and it is called Guardalavaca Hotel... it is located in the Northern coast of the island... I remember how happy and excited I felt the moment my father opened the door of the hotel room and I could breath in the smell of the room with cold air conditioned and clean aromas... for me it was the best!!!... after that, I always keep this feeling as one of my precious childhood memories. Now, I decided to share with you all my hotel experiences. We hope you enjoy them with us... and better yet... we want to meet with you in person as we travel around the world... IF YOU SEE US IN ANY HOTEL IN THE WORLD, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, STOP US AND SAY "HELLO" ... we will love to share a selfie with you. With much love, Martha and Vianca.
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