by Ms. Pino on 14 March, 2023

Real Estate Roots. What are your Real Estate Roots? It all starts at  HOME ! If you take the time to backtrack, study and connect your dots backyards, you will understand how you feel, think and act about your real-estate-mindset the way you do as an adult. How was your house when you were a kid? Did you like it? Did you feel safe at home? Did you have your own room or did you share it with others? Was your house [...]

by Ms. Pino on 8 March, 2023

Real Estate, Sooner than Later. Why  sooner  than later is a good idea to invest in real estate?     Because with real estate you will achieve financial freedom so you enjoy every day as you please. If you are starting from zero, nothing, nada, nil… give yourself 3 to 5 years to be in an ideal spot. You need to commit first! You want a good real estate investment [...]

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