by Ms. Pino on 28 March, 2015

The city of Miami Beach celebrates its 100th anniversary and brings thousands of people to a mega concert!     World known artists and performers such as: Andrea Bocelli, Gloria Stefan and Barry Gibbs ... local upcoming artists like Melina Almodovar, Marlow Rosado y Mariana Vega and many, many more had the opportunity to shine on stage and give their very best to the people of Miami Beach. Here is a small taste of [...]

by Ms. Pino on 6 March, 2015

The Monthly Real Estate Investor Networking meeting took place at the Yellowfin Realty Miami office with great success this March 4, 2015.   A group of successful real estate investors, private lenders, agents, interior designers and buyers got together to learn, network and close new deals in the local market.  Thanks to Shalimar Santiago, owner/broker of Yellowfin Realty Miami, the event was a complete [...]

by Ms. Pino on 6 March, 2015

Held at the Marriott Biscayne Hotel with +80 entrepreneurs and local business owners gathered to network, learn and grow.        Thanks to Andres Hurtado for putting this event together. Thanks to millionaire and business success coach Bill Walsh for sharing his expertise. Thanks to the Success Panel of Experts for your insights.   Bill shared great strategies: - How to double your sales [...]

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