by Ms. Pino on 29 January, 2017

Do you advertise your business, services and products? Do you know what is your ROI on your advertising? Do you know your Return on Your Investment? I bring forward this important topic because I have found that many entrepreneurs and business owners take this topic very lightly... and not paying attention to this, will make you lose money, time and energy that otherwise, you can use a lot more effectively to grow your business. [...]

by Ms. Pino on 29 January, 2017

Welcome to this show my friends! Do you use Twitter to connect with other entrepreneurs and prospective clients? Do you use Twitter to build traffic to our website or blog? Do you use Twitter to generate leads to sell them your products and services? Do you use Twitter to have people know about you as an expert in your field?   In this show, I share 3 awesome tools we use consistently. These tools have helped us [...]

by Ms. Pino on 18 January, 2017

I am extremely pleased that you are reading and watching this material especially produced for you, wherever you are in the world and wherever you are in your life & business. I wish that you enjoy every bit of it as much as I did creating it. Success is a mindset. Success is always work-in-progress. Success has a is very unique definition to each and everyone of us. I want to inspire you to find out what is your own [...]

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