by Ms. Pino on 28 February, 2023

We are very excited to introduce, present and welcome our new floorplan! VIAMAR #2. We managed to stay very consistent in many ways with our initial layout, Viamar #1. Let us share more juicy details, The new  Viamar #2 , has 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, 2 car garage with a living-under-air-space of  2,235 sq.ft  and a grand total square footage of  2,937.   When you [...]

by Ms. Pino on 27 February, 2023

Amazing conversations with those who really care about helping others don’t need to be shared as a frivolous post.   Instead, it’s felt as mutual alignment towards achieving the better outcome for everyone. Time  is at a premium these days. The news are scaring people about shortgage, scarcity, market crashes, recession and other thousand topics to be a distraction from what is really [...]

by Ms. Pino on 23 February, 2023

Mi casa es Su casa! Make your home feel like a real home… Love every space in it. Keep it clean. Listen to music. Enjoy wonderful dinners with the ones you love… … and make sure you invest your money owning many of them so the passive income you collect will support you and your family. Let your real estate portfolio take care of your financial freedom forever. Heal Your [...]

by Ms. Pino on 23 February, 2023

Believe. A thousand people are going to doubt you. One person is going to believe in you…and that person better be you. If you have you, plus one, now you have a power-team. Follow your dreams. Make them happen.   [...]

by Ms. Pino on 14 February, 2023

Happy Valentine’s Day! I invited my wife to an exclusive and expensive lunch on-site… lol…   I have a surprise for dinner-time!  I trust that today and every day, you are doing your best to make sure you and your family are safe, happy and prosperous.   [...]

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