by Ms. Pino on 30 August, 2021

  As you think of an industry dominated by men, construction might be one of the first ones to come to your mind. How many women are in the Construction Industry? According to these stats provided by, Women make up 14% of staff executive positions, 7% off line executives, 86.7% are in office positions, 2.5% of trades people are women and 76% of women in construction work off site. Women-owned firms account [...]

by Ms. Pino on 24 August, 2021

Today we are inspired to talk about a topic that many people completely ignore, Financial Wellness. Why is this important to our lives? We would like to start by saying that my wife and I have worked in our financial wellness consistently and have become very successful at it… and I must say more than successful we have become satisfied and very happy with the strategies that help us keep it in place. Simply put,  [...]

by Ms. Pino on 9 August, 2021

  If you are completely serious about purchasing a home, your first critical step is to find out if you qualify for a mortgage loan. Lenders might ask you for what it looks like to you, a mountain of paperwork, but is not as hard or tedious as it seems. Why do sellers ask for this pre-approval? Most sellers like to know the buyer is serious and already has financing secured to purchase the home. You might be [...]

by Ms. Pino on 5 August, 2021

  Networthers are truly enjoying our weekly meetings. Networking has taken a new form of creating valuable partnerships. From real estate professionals to financial advisors we have found a way to create value to each bottom line. Networthing allows each attending professional to access opportunities in the spot they might not be able to find on their own.   As business owners and entrepreneurs we utilize our weekly [...]

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