by Ms. Pino on 18 April, 2022

  KISS YOUR SUCCESS Yes… K eep I t S imple and S tupid. Working on achieving your goals for one year takes a lot of focus, consistency, effort, commitment and passion. Keep your goals simple. Keep your ideas simple. Keep your processes simple. Keep your actions simple. Keeping things simple doesn’t mean thinking small. For the contrary, Simplicity allows you to [...]

by Ms. Pino on 11 April, 2022

This week, I wish to share a small fragment from one of the Abraham Hicks seminars: [[[ … As you practice your more positive, better-feeling story, in time your pleasure will become the dominant vibration within you, and then as you couple your pleasure with your means of earning, the two will blend perfectly and enhance each other. There is no better way to earn money than to do the things that you love to do. Money can flow [...]

by Ms. Pino on 11 April, 2022

  If you go back to the Table of Content since we started this challenge, one word that pops up very often is REVIEW . It is not enough to just write your goals once… you also must review them often,  frequently and every so often. What’s going on after 30 days, 60 days, 180 days? What needs to be updated? What needs to be adjusted? This week… REVIEW… Your goals. [...]

by Ms. Pino on 4 April, 2022

  Are you scrolling through wealth? Nowadays, it is easy to just scroll on your social media feed when you are not too interested… when you get bored… when you don’t relate… and life goes on… and you do it several times a day with no significant changes at all. Are you doing the same with your wealth without even noticing your own behavior, your habits and your actions? Since [...]

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