by Ms. Pino on 18 January, 2017

I am extremely pleased that you are reading and watching this material especially produced for you, wherever you are in the world and wherever you are in your life & business. I wish that you enjoy every bit of it as much as I did creating it. Success is a mindset. Success is always work-in-progress. Success has a is very unique definition to each and everyone of us. I want to inspire you to find out what is your own definition of SUCCESS.   wpid-20170112_112613.jpg

As I produced each stream independently, I had no idea how I was going to present it to my friends. By the time I had done my second stream on this series, I had the impulse to bundle them together. I had the desire to present you with this introductory series of streams to get you started on your path to create the life you want.   A few recommendations before you proceed: - Take a gentle approach to listening to each stream ONLY when you are going to be fully present, fully listening, fully watching and fully willing to learn. - Work out each step all by yourself. Do Not allow distractions. - Enjoy it. Have FUN.   And here we go... this is a series of 7 streams:  


Welcome to 2017! Welcome to new intentions! Welcome to a wonderful new year! Today, I want to provoke your thinking with one question: "HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU WANT TO MAKE...TO EARN... TO HAVE IN YOUR POSESSION THIS YEAR?" I cordially invite you to watch this 4 minutes show:

What is that number for you? What is that amount for you? Now, that you have chosen a figure... What are some of the most exciting experiences you SEE yourself doing this year because you will have the money to pay for it. Make this a FUN exercise. Feel the realness of the possibility of you in possession of that money. How much more can you do this year? In addition... I also want to provoke your thinking with a different perspective from The Teachings of Abraham... and here is a recent post I saw on their Facebook page: wpid-fb_img_1483638284645.jpg

As reading this post... do you feel better thinking in ALLOWING YOUR WELL-BE ING to come through this year? I wish for you to invest time in this matter as it will create a bigger desire to be, do and have all you want this amazing 2017! Thank you for watching this show... for sharing this message... and for starting your year with a tangible, believable and achievable MONEY amount that will manifest in your life as you continue moving forward in the believe that you will HAVE IT!

See you all on my next stream!

With Much Love,

~Ms. Pino.


2 OF 7: What ONE thing will you focus 100% this year?

What are you EXACTLY doing this year to earn the kind of money you are looking to earn? What I mean is??? ... that one business, ... that one activity, ... that one service, ... that one product, I invite you to watch this short show as I share powerful, useful and practical recommendations to help start your 2017 in a very positive note: SIMPLIFY YOURSELF! SIMPLIFY YOUR MIND! SIMPLIFY YOUR ACTIVITIES! So you 100% FOCUS your ENERGY and skyrocket your RESULTS! I also want to share a post from Abraham-Hicks which I believe comes perfectly aligned with my words.

wpid-fb_img_1483645145483.jpg Thank you for watching. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for getting CLARITY in your life so you can achieve what you want this year! Moving forward... See you on the next stream!  


3 of 7: Why create a DEFINITE Plan?

Is your PLAN OF ACTION in place? Do you have a DEFINITE PLAN? This show is intended to bring you clarity and help you get your plan of action in place for this year, so you can confidently step-by-step move forward and toward your desired goals and dreams.

Invest the time CREATING, CRAFTING, BUILDING, DESIGNING your plan. Doing activities that do not align with your desired results is a total waste of your time. And certainly, time is a very expensive, intangible and our most valuable commodity... once time passes by, once time goes by... there is absolutely no way to bring it back.

Most people do, do, do and get really tired and exhausted doing things that at the end are counter-productive to the results they want...WHY?.... because they do not have the necessary CLARITY in their minds to find their best way... their easiest way... their most effective way to create a plan that WORKS FOR THEM.

Enjoy your creative process!

See you on our next stream!  

4 of 7: Why EMOTIONALIZE your Thoughts?

How much emotion you put behind your thoughts? Are you really excited? Are you low tone, quiet and uninspired?

wpid-20170111_134014.jpg Depending on how you answer this questions, you will know if what you are doing right now is aligning with you or not. Watch this stream and find answers to help you in your world now:

How can you know? Very simple... how do you FEEL? are you EMOTIONS strong? Now, beware of your NEGATIVE EMOTIONS because they can, and they will make you walk away from what you want.

Focus your mind on FEELING GOOD!

Feel excited. Feel inspired. Feel enthusiastic. Feel powerful... And from that space do all the things you want to do in order to achieve the results you want. The more POSITIVE EMOTIONS you give your ideas, the faster you will move closer to your results.

See you on our next stream!  

5 of 7: How ACCOUNTABILITY works for YOU?

Why hold others accountable to help you achieve your own success? Have you ever thought that others might not want that responsibility simply because they are doing their own thing? In this stream, I share my perspective and I wish it serve you well:

Who wants to be successful? YOU do. Who wants to create an extraordinary life? YOU do. Who must be accountable for your on decisions, actions and success? YOU do, my friend!!!

Free yourself up from any social misleading ideas that others will help you get what you want. You will get what you want when you COMMIT yourself to get it... when you hold YOURSELF 100% ACCOUNTABLE whatever it is you want.

Thank you for watching this show.

See you on our next stream!  



Are you willing to take action on your plan? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make your own plan of complete success?


I hear a big YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Now, it is time to IMPLEMENT.

In order to see your desired results , you will do, you will follow a CONSISTENT plan of actions. EXECUTE. EXECUTE. EXECUTE.... until, you see the results you want.

It is that simple!

See you in our next stream!!!  


7 of 7: Why figure out your WHY?

Do you truly know WHY you do what you do? Do you know WHY you get up in the mornings? Do you know WHY you are living your life the way you are living it?


You might know. You might be not so sure. You might have no clue as you read this and watch this stream.

Either way... it is fine where you are right now... because after you invest your time and go through a one-on-one with you... after you decide to help yourself and bring clarity to your own soul... you will be able to FIGURE YOU OUT in such a way that nobody else will... because nobody else is inside of you.

ONLY YOU know what you are really wanting every moment... ONLY YOU can and will satisfy YOU... nobody else! Do as much soul searching as you need to until you FEEL HAPPY with your WHY.

I want to THANK YOU all for watching this stream and this stream concludes the series of 7 streams to help you get aligned with YOU for this year... and help you get started on a new path to reach for your own success, under your own terms and definitions.

You have total and absolute FREEDOM to create the life you want every single day... IT IS UP TO YOU! wpid-fb_img_1484238959283.jpg  

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With Much Love,

~Ms. Pino.



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