by Ms. Pino on 31 October, 2016


Kelsey is originally from Fort Myers, FL. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a focus on Economics from the University of Florida.

She also has the designation of CISP (Certified IRA Services Professional) from the Institute of Certified Bankers. After joining Midland IRA in 2010, her focus has been to educate investors on the benefits of tax strategies such as self-directed IRAs and 1031 exchanges.

Kelsey Dineen and Ms. Pino at Midland office in Ft. Myers, Fl.

Dineen’s focus is investor relationship development.

Her goal is to explain how these tax strategies can benefit both investors and capital fundraisers.

In this Show:

- Brief background about Kelsey and why she loves joining Midland IRA.

- The two best tools to invest in real estate TAX FREE and grow your wealth with MidlandIra.

- Is it LEGAL to buy real estate tax-free?

- Kelsey shares what can you buy with the money in your Retirement account.

- What are some common questions investors have and they need to know when investing in real estate using their retirement funds.

- What are some basic rules you must follow before you use your retirement funds to invest in real estate.

- What is a 1031 Exchange? How can you use this strategy to buy real estate TAX-FREE?

- Is there a limit on the PROFIT I can earn on my retirement account when I sell my properties or interests?

- Learn what are the limits for contribution on your IRA's and learn how can you benefit now.

- Learn how a SEP IRA account can highly benefit you?

- Can you partner up with others using your retirement funds?

- What is Kelsey biggest desire that she is not achieved just yet... and when she does and she will... it will make her immensely happy.

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Phone: 239-333-4920

We THANK YOU all for watching this show... for sharing our message around the world... and for learning the best strategies to grow and expand your wealth TAX FREE!

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