by Ms. Pino. on 19 January, 2016

How are you helping others? 
How are you contributing to make this world a better place?

As we honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service...we want to invite you to ask yourself the above-mentioned questions.

Today, we all enjoy freedom, peace and equality in a way that Dr.Martin Luther King only was able to dream about it...even though I would venture to say that he saw it, because he saw the vision, he saw the promised land, he believed on higher power and he knew that one day it would be a reality...and indeed, that day came and it is a reality.


Taking his vision can you help? How can you inspire others? How can you guide and teach others to achieve their own dreams?

We invite you to join our efforts and the efforts of many others around the world to spread the word on peace, love, inspiration, equality, happiness, prosperity. 

Do what you can do! Period.

Here are some links you can check out if you are interested in a day of service so you can join in service to projects that strengthens the community, empower individuals and create solutions to social problems:

Thank you for watching this show. 
Thank you for sharing our message around the world! 
Thank you for doing what you can to help others achieve their own dreams.


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