by Ms. Pino on 31 October, 2023
SWFL REALTOR MASTERMIND Event was lit ????????????????. Thank you to all that attended and participated.
It was fun, enthusiastic and full of positive energy.
The information given by all the panelists (that includes me
(????????) and speakers was on point.
We,. as Realtors, must understand that our success in this business is not determined by the market.
Never has been the case. And it will Never be the case. I've been in the real estate industry for 26+yrs so we know what goes on then and now.
Your success is determined by what’s inside you. Your Inner work determines your outcomes.
Many agents have succeeded in what most people would called the worst of markets.
And many agents have failed in what most would have called the best of markets.
The market doesn’t determine your success. You do!!
Your work, your intelligence to see opportunities, your determination, your huge scary goals, your unbreakable self confidence and your persistence is what keeps you moving forward.
I invite you to join us for our next event. Be open to opportunities, contributions and collaborations. Be a student ready to learn so you can amplify, multiply and expand your business to another level of success. 
Realtors from different brokerages coming together to make a difference by collaborating and sharing inspirational knowledge, experiences and visions.
There's no competition only co-creating.
This is Your time to Level up Your Real Estate Game. Growth, Innovation and Expansion. Concious co-creation is Empowering.
Let's go????????????
We invite you to be part of these epic level of collaboration. Join us!!!!


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