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1022 NE 7th Pl Cape Coral Fl 33909, PRE-CONSTRUCTION Open House. Live stream #711.

by Mspino
2 years and 2 months ago

Welcome to one of our many lots in Cape Coral.

Today, we are having a PRE-CONSTRUCTION Open House at 1022 NE 7th Pl. Cape coral, Fl. 33909.

This lot is facing East which will give you the opportunity to enjoy the morning sun at your front door and you will have the privilege of indulging with every sunset!

The back of this lot has an amazing natural vegetation that we will nicely trim to give you a gorgeous privacy.

What are we building here: 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a total sq.ft of 2,808.

Feel free to call us directly at 786.663.0514... we will answer all your questions before you make any decision.

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