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Cape Coral in Florida and the next 50 years! Stream #686.

by Mspino
2 years and 7 months ago

Back on 1970, two brothers, the Rosen brothers founded what is today, the beautiful city of Cape Coral... in 50 years, much is happened... you can enjoy...over 400 miles of canals... about 120 square miles of city where you can own your home... with a population close to 200k people... all major commercial brands, schools, hospitals, parks, restaurants and much more is now available... CAPE CORAL stands as one of the most desirable locations in Florida where to own property... where to live... where to invest... where to play... where to retire...and where to make new friends.

Feel free to reach out to me and let's chat about what is possible for you in Cape Coral!

I look forward being your ambassador when you visit the beautiful city of Cape Coral.

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