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King Tides and Real Estate. Stream #678.

by Mspino

King Tides and Real Estate. Stream #678.

by Mspino

If you are a real estate investor or a homeowner, is your property affected by King Tides?

Maybe this is the first time you ever hear about this.

King Tides in some areas of Florida happen in certain times of the year. Basically, the ocean level rises and it floods the streets, the sidewalks and even your property.

I recently visited an area in Dania Beach in Florida as a favor to one of my investor-friend... and we were shocked to see the level of the water in the morning.

King Tides will damage your property foundation, your landscape, your vehicles and also your shoes... besides the fact that is it very uncomfortable coming home after a long day of work to wet your feet as you get off your car.

In addition,

Your resale value can be highly affected as well.

Your insurance premiums will be higher due to higher risk and damage on your property.

If you are an investor buying to rent long-term, you will encounter resistance from tenants because who really want to deal with King Tides and still pay full rent?

Do your homework. Visit the property you intend to buy. Inspect it personally. Drive around the neighborhood. Ask questions to people close to your property... a little work won't kill you and it will save you from making the wrong decisions and lose your money.

Thank you for watching and for sharing this show!

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