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Hey REALTOR, did you hang up on me? Stream #677.

by Mspino

Hey REALTOR, did you hang up on me? Stream #677.

by Mspino

If you are a real estate agent...please, please, please... ALWAYS TREAT PEOPLE NICE... and NEVER HANG UP THE PHONE ON THEM.

Regardless of the fact that a prospective buyer buys or not from you, it will be very profitable for you to treat them nice, with respect, with patience, with compassion, with appreciation... a referral from them will impact your bottom line, your referral basis, your reputation, your credibility, your income and your overall growth as an individual.

The better you serve your clients, the better your business will be!

Return phone call as soon as you possibly can.

Be willing to offer your advice, your expertise at the very best of your ability.

Follow up. Follow up. Follow up.

Understand that not everyone has the same readiness level, but when you see your potential clients as LIFETIME CLIENTS, your perspective will change because you will see from a completely different angle and consequently, you will treat them much, much, much better.

Become the realtor that people want to do business with.

Become the realtor that your clients immediately refer you when they are talking to their friends over wine or dinner.

Become the realtor will always be there to help, to serve and guide them in their home-buying experience.

Thank you for watching and for sharing this show!

I appreciate your all wherever you are in your life, in your business and in the world!

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