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Home Building in the Florida Countryside. Stream #668.

by Mspino

The art of building new homes is one that I have experienced many many times over and over again... and I still simply love it!

Today, I decided to drive about 120 miles to share just a bit of what some of the homes I built many years ago look like.

Many are very well kept after so many years... most of them still have the original paint, original roof, original gutters and original lights in the exterior.

All of them are occupied and families are raising their kids, even retiring in these homes.

As an entrepreneur and a business owner, I want to inspire you to follow your dreams and build, create something so valuable that you are truly proud of, regardless of the industry you are in, regardless the level of expertise you have... just make sure it is simply remarkable and that you absolutely love it!

Thank you for watching, for sharing and for building your own dreams wherever you are in the world, in your life and in your business.

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