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Latin Quarters Building Calle Ocho Miami. Stream #667.

by Mspino

The Latin Quarters Building in Miami is one of the several projects where I was able to use my expertise in construction. Many years ago, I was awarded this painting contract when the building was getting built by Cazo Construction.

Today, the building stands beautifully in an area that attracts thousands, if not millions, of tourists every year. Many restaurants, boutiques, cigar shops and nightlife is available year around.

This opportunity was a milestone achieved in my career as an entrepreneur and a business owner. It also was the breakthrough which catapulted me into starting an even bigger dream... that was building new single family homes.

If you have BIG DREAMS... please know that as long as you are committed to make them a reality... you will always succeed.

Thank you for watching... for sharing.. and for coming to Miami and visiting Calle Ocho in the near future.

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