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Dr. Donna Goldstein: Weight Loss & Wellness Expert leads by Example. Live Stream #462.

by Mspino

We welcome Dr. DONNA GOLDSTEIN! ...And we want to ask you: Do you want to lose some weight and keep it off? Do you know people you love suffering with weight issues?

We cordially invite you to watch this show and share the link as well. Get ready to learn and get ready to discover how you can get your waist back.

Dr. Donna Goldstein, a 28 year veteran psychologist and Certified Heath Coach, teaches a new way to eat and a new way to live, that can help you break the cycle of yo-yo dieting for good. Dr. Donna went from a size 16 to a 6 in seven months with no drugs or surgery, and has maintained this 70 lb. weight loss for nine years. Having overcome a life time of struggle with her weight, she now teaches and inspires others. She has assisted over 1,500 people to lose weight and achieve more optimal health.

In this show:

- How Dr. Donna went from size 16 to size 6.

- What Body Wisdom Program offers that make people feel HAPPY!

- Why is so important to have the right mindset about losing weight.

- How to eat and What to eat without depriving yourself from the pleasure of the delicious food you love.

- Simple powerful suggestions to exercise with no pressure every day.

- How to pick and choose your food, lose weight and still be super happy.

- Which principles Dr. Donna teaches her clients.

- The importance of drinking water all day, reducing sugar intake and exercising more.

- How to become a mindful eater and why is good for you.

- Find out how soon Dr. Donna's clients see results.

- Find out what is one big desire Dr. Donna has not achieved just yet that when she will... it will make her immensely happy.

To connect directly with Dr. Donna Goldstein:

Tel: (954)-292-8477 (text preferred please).

P.S. Request the Body Wisdom Quiz to Dr. Donna.

We thank you for watching this show... for sharing our message with those you know will benefit... and THANK YOU for making the decision to connect with Dr. Donna to start walking your own path to a mindful lifestyle!

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