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SHUNGITE, The Medicine of the 21th Century. Live Stream #460.

by Mspino

We welcome STEPHANIE DIETZ to share the power of SHUNGITE!

Have you ever thought about how much WiFi exposure we all receive on a daily basis?
Have you ever thought the impact of WiFi in our health?

Today we will be learning how WiFi affects our health... and most importantly, how can we protect ourselves, our family, our children, our home from such negative energy.

Stephanie is the President of Cosmic Reality Shungite, Inc. a 501(c)3 Non-profit Florida Corporation located in Delray Beach, Fl. She and her tribe are activists fighting against ignorance surrounding Electro-Magnetic Fields created by electricity and compounded by use of the “Smart Meter” and WiFi systems that are even more damaging.

In this show:

- What is SHUNGITE? Where does it come from?

- How SHUNGITE helps to protect our bodies and improve our health?

- Why Stephanie is so passionate about spreading Shungite with the world?

- Learn about some of the benefits of Shungite to improve our health.

- Where to put Shungite protection in your home? Where to get it?

- Find out what is Stephanie's biggest desire that she is not achieve just yet and when she does, it will make her immensely happy.

To connect directly with Stephanie to learn more about Shungite and to get involve with the Non profit:

Tel: (561)212-5867

The donation link:

Thank you for watching this show... for sharing this message around the world... and for making the decision to use SHUNGITE in your every day life!

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