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Jacques Wiesel: Holocaust Survivor & Mr. Motivator. Live Stream #458.

by Mspino
6 years and 9 months ago

We welcome Mr. Motivator, Author, Coach, Mentor, International Speaker, Master of Human Engineering JACQUES WIESEL! Jacques is also a Holocaust Survivor with an incredible story that will mesmerize you!

We cordially invite you to watch, enjoy and learn from Jacques fun stories how you can create long-lasting positive changes in your life starting right now.

In this show:

- Brief background about Jacques.

- Women and self-esteem.

- Mindset for success.

- What we NEED versus what we WANT.

- Why people fail when they do sales. The 80/20 rule.

- Awesome sales advise that Jacques used to become the best salesperson selling Encyclopedia Britannica.

- 3 super powerful tips that will make you happier!

- Learn what is one idea that Jacques have not achieved just yet that will make immensely happy.

To connect directly with Jacques:
Tel: 954-718-8421
Cel: 954-701-3034

To get your own copies of Jacques books now:

We thank you for watching this show... for sharing this link with those you know will benefit.. and for getting so inspired with Jacques stories and wisdom to make your dreams come true and live the most extraordinary life!

Thank you Carol for the amazing coffee and the fresh donuts!
Thank you Kepper for your friendly sniff and showing your love and happiness by wagging your tail.

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