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Allison Ronis: Your Tech Geek in your Pocket. Live Stream #456.

by Mspino
6 years and 7 months ago

We invite you to join us in a Fun Techy conversation with our guest Allison Ronis, President and Owner of Girls
Her mission is to help entrepreneurs connect all of their Social Media pieces together and for them to be more confident on the computer.

In this show:

- How Allison got started in technology.

- Allison will share:
1.Tech Tools to make connecting with your customers easy.
2. Educating yourself is protecting yourself
3. Confidence is everything in mastering technology.
4. Happiness is knowing everything works as it should.

- Allison's view about using video and livestream in your current business.

- Biggest challenges people face with technology.

- How to become really friendly with technology with ease and with a geek in your pocket.

- Allison's biggest desire that she is not achieved just yet, and will make her really happy!

To connect directly with Allison:
SKYPE: GirlsGuide2Technology
CALL: (954) 228-3267

We THANK YOU for watching this show... for sharing this link with those you know will benefit... and THANK YOU for making the decision to make "technology" your friend.

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