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Erica Castner & Ms. Pino talk about Confidence, Networking and Consistency. Live Stream #434.

by Mspino

We are very happy to share this time and space with The Queen of Results, Erica Castner. Today, we traveled to beautiful Naples, Florida and we are going LIVE from the Windsor Office Suites.

Erica Castner shares simple and very powerful tips when building an influential network. She will teach us how to communicate your message with power and poise regardless of where you are in your life and in your business right now.

In this show:

- Erica shares a bit about her background in business.

- How to communicate your message effectively online and offline, especially when attending networking events.

- Learn how Erica helps her clients and add value to their businesses and their lives.

- How to build a more confident YOU....You got to be CONSISTENT when sharing your message over, over and over again because it is essential in the ongoing marketing of your business, your services and your products.

- Learn what are Erica's two dreams she is working on that she hasn't accomplish just yet....and she is thrilled about

We totally encourage you to connect directly with Erica and explore how she can help you achieve the results you are looking for.

You may visit her website:
You may connect via email:
You may even call her number: 239-699-5031

We want to thank Erica for sharing wonderful tips with all of us.

We want to THANK YOU for watching this show... for sharing it with those you love... and for making the decision to start networking CONSISTENTLY and grow your network effectively!!!

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