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Who's Dainamite, the next American Ninja Warrior?. Live Stream #431.

by Mspino
6 years and 4 weeks ago

We are honored to have "DAINAMITE"!

Julio Santiago shares his success story. Julio started as a musician, actor, model... to now, a competitor in American Ninja Warrior and a successful music producer. He has appeared in over 15 telenovelas. In 2002, he worked in the movie "Big Trouble" with Tim Allen. Also, in 2002, he worked with music rapper Ice Cube in the movie: "All about the Benjamins", among many others wins.

In this show:

- Learn about Dainamite humble beginnings.

- How to train for American Ninja Warrior.

- How the right mindset is leading his journey to bring families together.

- The story behind "STAND UP", an inspirational song he created from his heart. He gifted the song to me many years ago. Now, I am ready to share with the world and inspire millions of people around the world.

We thank you all for watching this interview and for sharing with your friends around the world.

We want to inspire you to take the first step and make your own contribution to inspire yourself and others!!!

You may connect with Dainamite in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Stay tune because very soon he is launching his new website: where you will be seeing him LIVE!

P.S. Link to listen to "STAND-UP", the most inspirational song to mankind:

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