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OS Broadcaster App. Set Up on your Smartphone.

by Mspino
8 years and 7 months ago

OS Broadcaster App. is a great application for you to be able to connect your smartphone with your own TV channel in our network and be able to stream LIVE from anywhere in the world.

Take the time to set up your app. properly and you will be broadcasting in no time.

Here are some Recommended settings:

1.- Video settings:
One detail I didn't mentioned was that the app. allows you to switch from using your front camera on your device and also your back camera. So you you can use the front camera if you want to see yourself LIVE on the screen or you may use the back camera to point away from you.
Width: 720
Height: 405
Fps: 20
Keyframe Frequency: 100
Quality: 95

2.-Audio Settings:
Click on NellyMoser
Quality: 44kH
Gain: 60

3.-Click on the tower:
Input your TV channel RTMP server address on the first line.
Input your Stream Name on the second line.
Publish: live
Bandwidth: dynamic

4.- Click on the wheel.
Make sure you see a solid square on Settings Auto Save button.

And that's it for the set up.

Test it out, it should go: Connecting....Connected.....Streaming....and YOU ARE LIVE !!!

To disconnect, simply press the same button and it will say Disconnected.


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