Add or edit slider

WordPress users can create or edit existing sliders and customize them with images. Sliders can contain pages, posts or they can be customized with text and external URLs.

Click on Add new link, under Slider chapter:



Once the page opens, you can add a new Slider.


1. Insert the title of the slider in this field.

2. Check the radio button for the slider type: custom, page or post.

3. Select from the drop-down menu the desired post or page.

4. Here you can see the Slider URL.

5. Here you can see the Slide text.

6. Click here to upload an image for the slide.

Note: the slide image is mandatory on all themes, except for Premium Responsive theme. If no slide image is uploaded, the slider will not be displayed.

7. Click here to upload a background image for the slide.

Note: the recommended height for the background image is 400px height.

8. Here you can edit the publishing settings: status, visibility and publishing time.

9. Click here to publish the slider.

10. Insert here the order number for the slider.


Below you can see an example of Homepage slider on Simple One theme: