Assign audio playlist

Once you have an audio playlist and a radio channel created, you can schedule the playlist to play on that channel.

Logged in your account dashboard, click on Assign Audio Playlist link, under Setup a Playlist chapter:



The first step is to select the desired audio playlist from the drop-down list:



The second step is to select the radio channel from the drop-down list:



The last step is to publish the playlist and customize the settings:


1. Here you can see the name of the playlist. Click on it and you will be redirected to edit playlist details page.

2. Here you can see the date when the playlist was assigned to the channel.

3. Here you can see the length of the playlist.

4. Click here to open the drop-down menu to view the available actions.

5. Click here to edit the audio  playlist details.

6. Click here to delete the playlist.

7. Click here if you want to assign the playlist to another radio channel.

8. Click here to publish the playlist.