by Ms. Pino on 31 October, 2016

We welcome our friend DENNISHA MC THAY!

Dennisha McThay is the CEO and head designer for DMD-Dennisha McThay Designs, a luxury custom handbag company.

Inspired by the fashionable and ever changing world, her designs embody an understated and simple elegance that is luxurious and effortlessly chic.

DMD brand is seen and admired by industry celebrities, featured in two editions of the Chellea Magazine, and given the opportunity to partner with several organizations and successful business owners.


DMD handbags are one of a kind and a perfect example of handbags created with..."A Collaboration of Art & Style".

In this show:

- Brief background from Dennisha.

- How Dennisha gets inspired to do her handbag designs?

- Dennisha shares her own template for successfully create a unique product that she sells on the marketplace.

- The Entrepreneurship spirit of Dennisha that we all must learn from.

- The Bigger VISION/ 2017 for Dennisha: "Celebrity Gifting"... please let us all support this amazing cause.

- Why Mentoring Teen Boys and Girls through Dennisha's non-profit organization.

- WHY Dennisha's touches the hearts of these teen boys and girls... and HOW she helps them to be successful in life.

- Why giving people with Criminal Background records a second chance is a big problem in today's society...and HOW can be help them?

- Find out what is Dennisha's biggest desire that she is not achieved yet...and when she does and she will... it will make her immensely happy.

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We THANK YOU all for watching this show... for sharing our message around the world... and for making the decision to make your life magnificent every single day.


Until my next blog, we wish you all incredible success!