by Ms. Pino on 30 September, 2016


Dr. Lynn Migdal graduated New York Chiropractic College in 1981 and has enjoyed 35 successful years helping all ages to reach their Highest Health Potential and Life Goals. One of her main missions is to educate as many people as she can on the Truths about Natural Healing.

She is an exciting and informative public speaker and loves to spread the amazing word of how we can all Wake up the Sleeping Doctor Deep Within and Heal Ourselves.

She is the creator of the ChiroChi Lifestyle Mastery Workshops and Sessions which gracefully combines the Heart and Soul of the Chi in Chiropractic with the Spiritual Healing of Reiki Rebirths, Breath Play, and Chakra- Color- Aroma- Forgiveness Empowerment.

She is an Eternal Life Coach who helps those suffering with a great loss to move from Grief to Gratitude and Discover Divine Love that never dies.

She is also a Dancing Spinal Breath Instructor, whose dancing breath classes assist the healthy flow of the Sacral-Cranial (Pelvis and Skull) areas and allows one to enjoy Healthy Vagal (10 Cranial Nerve) Tone, Fitness and Peace. (The Vagus Nerve controls most of our organs and is a vital part of Emotional Fitness as well.)

As creator of the Looking Up Movement, a non for profit education foundation, she has dedicated her life to teaching the truths about Why We Must All Choose, To Look Up at Life, To Look Up at Technology and Breathe Fully and Freely.

In this show:

- Why Dr. Lynn decided to be a chiropractor.

- Why pay attention to our Posture, Thoughts and Breathing.

- Powerful advice from Dr. Lynn about how can we heal ourselves.

- Why knowing about our Vagus nerves is essential to enjoy ultimate well-being.

- What is the Looking Up Movement.
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- Why parents must learn how to become better parents to their kids.

- What is Dr. Lynn biggest desire that she is not achieved just yet... and when she does and she will... it will make her immensely happy.

Dr. Migdal is the author of Women’s Natural Guidebook and Wind Kissed a Fantasy Empowerment novel.

For more information about classes, retreats and sessions please visit and call 561-322-6735.

We thank you for watching this show with Dr. Lynn... for sharing our message around the world... and for making the decision to pay more attention to your posture, your thoughts and your breathing... your happiness and your prosperity!


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