by Ms. Pino. on 29 August, 2016

What are the Trends for 2016 when it comes to livestreaming?

Thanks to this recent article, find out what are the numbers saying about viewers watching live streams shows? Who is watching what? For how long? and here is the link for you see it:

Today, we share our perspective about why most business owners and entrepreneurs are wasting their time with live stream shows in platforms that do not really support their marketing efforts effectively.

Watch this recent show:

Questions to ponder upon:

- Why are you using live steams for your marketing?

- Which platform are you using for your live stream services? ... And ...Why are you using that particular platform?

- Are your prospective clients also hanging out on the same platform or are you simply winging it?

- How are you monetizing on the incredible awesome valuable content you are currently producing? ...or... Are you giving it away for FREE? ... WHY?... - How are you re-purposing your content after is done? Are you creating new products or courses or webinars or live events?

We strongly invite you to THINK about these questions because they will make a huge difference in the way you think about your online marketing... the way you monetize on your content... and the way you can use the power of leverage to exponentially grow and expand your business and your income.

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THANK YOU for watching this show... for sharing this message around the world... and for start promoting yourself effectively!