by Ms. PIno on 31 October, 2015

This month we had the privilege to join our friend Gordon Tredgold in his official Book Launch Party. The event took place in West Pam Beach at the Tech RunWay Facility.

Gordon's latest book "FAST" is getting awesome reviews from successful business owners and entrepreneurs who are implementing his FAST approach in their businesses.

                                                       RATVlive. Gordon Tredgold FAST  


In addition, we had the opportunity to see great friends and meet new ones.

We want to congratulate Gordon for his achievement... for the hard work he put into his book FAST to make it a valuable tool for people to become even more successful.

                                                   Ms. Pino , RATVlive with Gordon Tredgold.


We want to give a very special THANKS to Carine Cornelis, Gordon's lovely wife for putting this event together.

                                                    Ms. Pino, Vianca Pino and Carine Cornelis


Thank you to Dr. P.K Roberts for sharing her joy and love with all of us. 

                                                    Ms. Pino andf Dr. P.K. Roberts  


We love to share the event with our community... so watch the replay of our official livestream.



And for those of you who do not have your own copy of FAST, get in Amazon now. 

                                                       Ms. Pino getting FAST from Gordon Tredgold


Gordon... we wish you even more success with your book, in your career and we are happy to have shared this very special moment with you!!!