by Ms. Pino on 30 September, 2015

How many of you hate Mondays? How many of you would love to change that?

Well, it is possible. You have the power to change right now how you feel about your Mondays.

The reality is that if we go deeper into ourselves, it has nothing to do with Mondays. It has everything to do with you, because I guarantee you that you feel the same feeling just about every day of the week in your life where you are in a job you don't enjoy, in a relationship that do not fulfill you, in a business that is aggravating you.

Work on YOU, on what you want, on what you want to feel. Create the perfect movie in your mind first. Then enjoy playing that movie in your mind over and over again until it becomes so familiar to you and you know you can live there. Take ACTION. Move one step at a time.

Dare to do , to live, to enjoy the life that you truly desire. This is about YOU. And YOU are the most important person in your life!

Thank you for watching this livestream TV show today. Thank you for sharing our message around the world! Thank you for committing to do whatever it takes to change your life.