by RealtyAwayTV Team on 16 October, 2012

 The perfect pair to achieve maximum exposure when it comes to marketing and advertising for sale/for rent properties.

Both platforms are dedicated to promote Real Estate in any city, in any country, in any language and any kind of real estate. They are the perfect complement to each other.

REALTYAWAY.COM is focused on helping sellers, brokers, agents and investors to create a real online presence by having their own profile. With their profile, they can rest assure that all leads coming in will go directly to them. In their profile, they can customize it with their own pictures, logos, listings, comments, phone numbers, direct links, property videos, virtual tours, etc...

In addition, when prospective buyers or renters come to the site, they can enjoy a legitimate database of properties that are readily available for them. As a buyer or renter, is very frustating to find a property you like and then realize that it does not exist, is out of the market and that the listing agent is not even the real listing agent. That is usually what happens with many other syndicating portals out there that promise real inventory.

On the other hand, REALTYAWAY.TV is focused on providing state-of-the-art technology to the Real Estate industry to maximize all of the marketing and advertising efforts of the professionals. In a nut shell, REALTYAWAY.TV provides you with a custom TV channel that you can control. You can broadcast live, in HD,in your language, from any location in the world. Better yet, you can embed your TV channel in your own website and you no longer need to drive people to our site. As a professional, you need to concentrate in using your resources to increase your productivity and sales. That's the goal!!!

With your TV channel you also enjoy many other benefits.You can pre-record your shows, upload and play them in a playlist at your desire. You may also earn money with our TV platform by providing VOD and Pay-Per-View content. You decide your ticket price, put it in the schedule and make money while you sleep. 

Thank you for using RealtyAway. Always Real. Always the right Way.