by Ms. Pino on 23 June, 2015

Los Angeles, CA. is a beautiful city and we recently spent a few days there surrounded by amazing people.


So you know, Peaks Potentials is one of the fastest growing business and personal success training companies in North America. Their programs and courses are over the top. We attended the Guerrilla Business School. We had the best time with Adam Markel and Ruben Mata. We shared and exchanged ideas with very successful business owners and entrepreneurs, several self-made millionaires and even people who have trained and coached several billionaires. We met Robert and Kim Kiyosaki in person... Really, it was a fenomenal experience!!!

Now, if you want to enjoy similar experiences and bring your business to the next level... you must attend Peaks events... here is a direct link so you can register for the upcoming events:

See some amazing moments we enjoyed and some of the most amazing souls we spent time with. Thank you all for being so awesome!!!


We look forward doing great things together, helping each other expand our businesses and changing millions of lives in a positive way. 

See you all in the next Peaks event!!!