by Ms. Pino on 2 May, 2022


Time to assess and come clean with yourself as far as what you have really accomplished during this 365 days challenge to build wealth.

Do you have more excuses?

… or…

Do you have more results?

Your answer will tell you exactly where you stand right now… and where are you going next.

In my personal reality, I have tons of small wins to celebrate that they all add up towards achieving my big goal since the beginning: “Build Wealth through Real Estate”.

But, this is only the beginning… this is only a very small framework from where you can spring… there is much more available and queued up for you.

The best version of yourself is still work-in-progress!

Today, take 5 minutes and write down all the small and big wins you know you have had during the past 52 weeks… acknowledge your efforts, your dedication, your focus, your commitment… acknowledge you.

Can you legitimately say that you achieved the goals you set out to achieve when you first joined this 365 days challenge to build wealth?

For some, results mean:

  • Losing those extra pounds.
  • Being more appreciative of the partner they have a relationship with.
  • Being open to earn more money.
  • Being able to fly in first class or on a private jet.
  • Being able to keep a positive mindset about the way life is supposed to be for them.
  • Being able to close more deals.
  • Being able to serve and help more people in a positive way.
  • Being able to increase your cashflow consistently.
  • Being happy on a daily basis even when life puts you at a test.
  • More assets. More passive income. More wealth. More opportunities. More freedom.


Reaching for higher levels of happiness and prosperity is an all time goal we can pursue… and there will always be more of it.

Today, feel happy and feel prosperous.

Today, rejoice in your results.

Today, is a good time to think where you are going next in your own timeline of your life.



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