by Ms. Pino on 4 January, 2022

After so many weeks into this challenge, many of you will derail, will stop showing up, will find new excuses, will come up with new doubts and fears to stop yourself from moving forward… and you will do that because you are afraid of the unkown… you are afraid of what you look like as a successful person, a wealthy person.

So, it is easier and more comfortable to stay on the known, comfortable and familiar realm that you have been until now.

This week, examine your COMMITMENT level to continue building your wealth, your networth and the life you want.

If you can’t commit, you can’t accomplish your goals.

If you can’t commit, you are wasting your time miserably.

If you can’t commit, you can’t evolve as a person in a world that pushes you to make adjustments.

Instead of having new years resolutions… make COMMITMENTS.

Commit to be healthy.

Commit to build wealth.

Commit to nurture better relationships.

Commit to enjoy happy days.

Now, commitment requires that you have discipline… and discipline leads to you to be consistent in your actions… which in terms will catapult you to mastery.

Master your own game… and dare to become really happy and really wealthy.