by Ms. Pino on 18 October, 2021

In this show, you will learn why SOCIAL MEDIA RECIPROCITY is important to grow your business.


Do you reply back to the comments on your blogs and videos?

Do you say THANK YOU to your fans when they take the time to comment in your blogs and videos?


As simple as it sounds, most people do not pay attention to this critical step in the process of building rapport, engaging with our audience to build a big community of raving fans.


Simple actions, consistent actions in our daily practice generate the most revenues, pay offs... and that is... when we become conscious about the importance to connect authentically with the people that take the time to comment in your blogs and videos, magical things unfold.


Everyone is so busy trying to have more followers, more traffic, more leads, more sales, more revenue.



To get to more revenue... you must have a very clear and effective strategy when dealing with your active audience because they are the ones who will further help maximize your exposure. They will help you spread your message. They will talk to their friends. They will build you up as an expert.


So, why wouldn't you take the time to incorporate in your daily practice to reply back, to say "Thank you", to appreciate and acknowledge them publicly every time.


Remember that you are constantly building your business... so it requires your constant attention to details... and this is one very important detail most people overlook.


I am going to ask you a question: Do you know the LIFETIME VALUE of one paying client coming from a referral source for your business? Do your numbers!!! Tapping into this answer, you might be pleasantly surprised with what that number will mean for you and your business.


I want to thank you for watching this show... for sharing this message... and most importantly, for thinking outside the box when it comes to creating more engagement with your active fans and followers.



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