by Ms. Pino on 6 September, 2021


We have reached 122 days of #GoNetWorthing. These are 122 days of the 365 days CHALLENGE to Build WEALTH.  Our group intimate gatherings continue to grow, we have met so many different entreprenuers and business owners. They all hold our same vision and mission to help each other with tips, suggestions and ideas to grow each others networth.

Our Facebook group is also a fundamental component to our growth as we continue to post success tips and affirmations, Highnetworth stories, Inspirational movies and audio books of the week and our Challenge blogs.

We are all excited for the future, the new partnerships and projects we will be building together.

In our 122 days we talk about Accountability and its importance take a look below.


Why hold others accountable to help you achieve your own success?

Have you ever thought that others might not want that responsibility simply because they are doing their own thing?

  • Who wants to be successful? YOU do.
  • Who wants to create an extraordinary life? YOU do.
  • Who must be accountable for your on decisions, actions and success? YOU do, my friend!!!

Free yourself up from any social misleading ideas that others will help you get what you want. You will get what you want when you COMMIT yourself to get it… when you hold YOURSELF 100% ACCOUNTABLE on whatever it is you want.

As you become accountable for your own success keep in mind that taking ownership of your actions is the basic building block of a responsible personality. It makes you headstrong, and you no longer feel the need to play the blame game.

Accountability keeps you striving toward your goals and reaching for your dreams. The more empowered and excited you feel about your achievements, the easier it will be for you to hold yourself accountable to keep accomplishing those tasks and reaching your goals.

Remember  Your Accountability accelerates your performance by helping you make consistent, steady progress. We celebrate you for making the desicion to become accountable for your own actions.