by Ms. Pino on 30 August, 2021


As you think of an industry dominated by men, construction might be one of the first ones to come to your mind.

How many women are in the Construction Industry?

According to these stats provided by, Women make up 14% of staff executive positions, 7% off line executives, 86.7% are in office positions, 2.5% of trades people are women and 76% of women in construction work off site.

Women-owned firms account for 13% out of which 9% achieved revenues greater than $500,000.00

The growth of construction firms owned by women had a growth of 64% from 2014-2019.

What does this all means? Women are making significant progress as leaders in the industry. Female workers are bringing much-needed skillsets and different perspectives to the job site.

There is definitely a momentum to support and hire women in the construction industry, but many are still looking for ways to become leaders and business owners.

As we witness the growth of more women becoming part of the Construction Industry either as construction firm owners or as trades people we all must embrace the change and be part of creating a positive future by ensuring that they feel 100% supported.

Viamar Homes is women owned and operated. We have been part of this industry for 20 (+) years. Our history starts as Real Estate investors flipping houses first, then owned a bathroom remodeling company, then owned a painting company with over 30 (+) employees and transitioned to become Real Estate Developers.

We have experienced upfront and center the demands of the Construction Industry and have victoriously navigated through it successfully. We know what it takes to be leaders in this industry, from purchasing materials to managing subconstractors, to turning in projects on time.

As Real Estate Developers in the city of Cape Coral we are making waves by building Luxuriously Affordable Homes for families looking to purchase their first time home or looking to relocate for a better future.

We are advocates for community growth and expansion and we applaud all those women looking to become part of the Construction Industry. As owners of Viamar Homes we are here to assist women who need guidance and mentorship towards their dreams of becoming part of this industry.