by Ms. Pino on 24 August, 2021

Today we are inspired to talk about a topic that many people completely ignore, Financial Wellness.

Why is this important to our lives?

We would like to start by saying that my wife and I have worked in our financial wellness consistently and have become very successful at it… and I must say more than successful we have become satisfied and very happy with the strategies that help us keep it in place.

Simply put,  financial wellness is the ability to have a healthy financial life. It relates to your relationship with money.

It means your bills are paid and you have ample emergency and retirement funds available. In other words, you’re well prepared to handle any financial crisis that might come your way. Overall, it truly means you feel good about your financial future.

As a business owner financial health is important because it allows you and me to be more productive, because we are not worried about money. All the anxiety and stress associated with not having money goes away when your financial health is taken care off.

How do you achieve Financial Wellness?

  • Make sure your income covers your expenses and allows you  to stay on top of your debt repayments.
  • Make sure you have savings for unexpected financial emergencies.
  • Make sure you are working toward long-term financial goals.
  • Make sure you have the freedom to make choices that allow you to enjoy your life stress free.

In order to achieve the above plan you must take into consideration the amount of money you earn, this plays a significant role in your ability to create your financial wellness.  The only factor you need to take into account is, how well do you manage your money.

If you are having trouble with financial wellness, look for tools and education to help you develop a healthier relationship with your finances.

Financial wellness can help you in the long run. If you’re focused on financial wellness, you’re also working on your long-term goals and as a result, you are likely to enjoy both your present and your future more.