by Ms. Pino. on 30 September, 2020

Are you part of any Facebook groups?
Did you join voluntarily or were you added by your friends?
Are these groups giving you ant results or positive feedback to grow your business?

Today, I will share my perspective on... Does it make any sense to be part of any or some Facebook Groups? and WHY?... what is my intention to be a part of them?

As Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, we all want to market consistently and effectively and at the lowest possible cost-out-of-pocket... so for many, joining Facebook groups seems like an awesome idea... the question is: ARE YOU GETTING THE RESULTS YOU WANT? or ARE YOU WASTING PRECIOUS TIME WITH LITTLE OR NOT RESULTS AT ALL?

I want you to think about your real intention...the true purpose for joining.


I want to thank you for watching this how... for sharing it... and for using a mindful strategy that best aligns with your true intentions in order to grow and expand your business the way you envision it!!!