by Ms. Pino on 30 November, 2014

We are very blessed to share with our community the many updates for NOVEMBER !

RATV Build your Business

1.- Starting on December 8 /2014, we are updating our Terms and Conditions for Affiliates. We decided to add an additional clause where all Active Affiliates will be able to pass on their Business to a surviving partner or beneficiary of their choice in case they are deceased. We believe that this clause brings forward the vision of our company in making sure we are perpetuating a long lasting business that will truly change the financial life of entire families all around the world. We believe that if our Affiliate members work hard to develop a successful business they and their families deserve to continue enjoy the benefits of such efforts.


RATV Founders

2.- We launched  mspinoLIVE TV Show. As the Founders of RATV, we are delighted to share with the world our daily show completely LIVE every day Monday thru Friday at 12:00 Noon (EST).... the show will make you laugh, learn and be totally updated with what is going on in our community, our network and the world.


RATV Affiliates  RATV Affiliates

3.- We are very honored to share wonderful times with wonderful people like Barbara, Liz, Renzo, Ale and many others in our network. We love getting together to explore better ideas, new concepts and together build our own networks within RATV. THANK YOU ALL!

4.- This month we also shared LIVE a new project that is called: 1,000,000 LIVE Success Stories. We created an independent category in order to keep an accurate count of the success stories that will be shared from all over the world. See the video and learn how you can also contribute. We want to hear your story. We want to hear your voice.