by Ms. Pino. on 27 February, 2019

Learn to manage money early in your game... DO NOT wait until money is in your possession to start learning how to manage it.

Most people believe that they will be able to handle money-managing challenges when they have money... and that is a HUGE MISTAKE... take advantage that you have just a little bit of money and play with it, make simple small strategies, reorganize your monthly obligations, see what you can eliminate, see what you can renegotiate, see what can you move in the calendar to a more convenient date... find alternatives to better manage the money you have right now... and use your cashflow properly.

Learn the skills to manage small amount now, so when you have bigger amounts you are already trained, seasoned and comfortable with the responsibility that comes associated with large amounts of monies.

Thank you for watching , for sharing this video and for taking responsibility of managing your monies now to become even more prosperous!