by Ms. Pino. on 29 August, 2017


How this works?

How much work do I need to put in before I see results?

How much cashflow will this make me?  


The HOME FREEDOM PROGRAM is designed to help homeowners who are currently making a mortgage payment every month to get rid off it or eliminate it considerably in 5-7 years.




It is not a secret that most people only send one monthly payment to pay down their debt to the bank.

It usually happens for 30 long years. And if you miss a payment, well, you know what happens, penalties, more interest added and you can even end up losing your home in foreclosure.


The solution seems simple: "send more money every month and you will reduce the debt faster".


The problem is that most people do not have the cashflow to do it. Most people live on monthly budgets already established.  



Let me answer:   Let's start by answering the very first question: How this works?

The HOME FREEDOM PROGRAM allows you to earn monthly commissions when you refer the program to other homeowners, that like yourself, are paying their mortgage month after month.

We want to start by addressing the cost first because this is usually one big objection most people bring to the discussion... and we want to show you how affordable it is to join and most importantly, how fast you can recoup your initial cost once you join, plus earn additional income.  


It costs $200.00 to join and it costs $99.00 per month on a subscription basis.  

When you have other homeowners joining you, you will earn 40% commission on the $200.00, which is $80.00.

You will also earn 40% commission on the $99.00 every single month, which is $39.60




Now, it only takes 3 other homeowners to join you for you to start positively CASHFLOWING without having to pull money from your current income.

Understanding this simple, yet super powerful principle will make all the difference in your world and in your own personal financial blueprint.

For the contrary, you now will have additional cashflow.

You will see the results rather quickly.

It is up to you how fast or how slow you want to take action and share this concept with others.  


The whole idea is that you share the concept with other homeowners who are paying their mortgage.


Have them join the program. You earn a commission. And you now use that extra money to pay down your PRINCIPAL MORTGAGE BALANCE UNTIL YOU ARE DONE!  

If you do that... you will save thousands of dollars in interest payments... you go from 30 years to 5-7 years and have your home FREE & CLEAR... YOU WILL HAVE FINANCIAL FREEDOM!  


In addition to have your mortgage paid off, your monthly cashflow will continue to come in month after month.  

You will have built a successful and very profitable online business.

You will have built an awesome team and friends who share the same desire: FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

You will have become a successful online entrepreneur.  


Now, how valuable is this for you? for your family? for your dreams? for your freedom?

Do you imagine how many families will you be able to help with this program?  

If you CONSISTENLY,  work a couple of hours a month and have 3 new people joining the program... over 5-7 years will have pay off a mortgage near $245,000 with minimum effort.


Now, imagine if you want to do more... Imagine you want to go faster. Imagine you want to travel more.

Imagine you want to leave that job you hate.

Imagine you want to have more time and work from home.

Imagine you using your time to talk about what your passion is... about what your expertise is and helping others... about building an incredible online business just by helping others do the same.

And the best part... is that we give you the tools, we give you the resources, we give you the ongoing training, we want to see you succeed!  



Imagine that now you do have a real plan to create the life you want for yourself and your family.  



In order to see the end result... you got to START NOW!

Join us by clicking on this link now!  


We welcome you to our network and together: "THE MORE WE SHARE, THE MORE WE HELP".  


~Ms. Pino.