by Ms. Pino. on 23 August, 2017


My friend Erica Castner recently hosted an awesome workshop to help business owners and entrepreneurs EXPAND THEIR PRESENCE. The event was held in Ft. Myers, Florida.

I met Erica and her husband Ed about 2 years ago, as we all were members of a Mastermind group we joined where business owners and entrepreneurs built relationships and helped each other grow their businesses.




I want to share my 3 biggest takeaways from the event because I believe there will be HUGE VALUE for everyone, especially if you are a business owner, an entrepreneur or if you are simply thinking to become one.  






The Success Panel shared many amazing tips and among them:

  • Be consistent on your efforts to reach out to more new people every month.
  • Join a local non-profit organization because you can meet the people who really run successful businesses and are genuinely interested in their local communities.
  • Be of service first. Offer to help. Offer your expertise. Let people know what you can do to help them. Let people know how you can help them in a simple way.




Most entrepreneurs and business owners are real experts in their areas of expertise... however, there are areas where is absolutely valuable to have to help of another expert as part of your team... in this case, a COACH, a MENTOR... someone will show you how is done.

One handicap many novice entrepreneurs have is that they feel that it is too expensive to hire a COACH or a MENTOR... but they don't realize that it is even more expensive to be bumping heads with the unknown while you can have an easy, effortless and efficient outcome by simply having your COACH or MENTOR by your side.

Every penny invested in yourself, in learning new techniques, new strategies, new ideas... is ALWAYS MONEY WELL INVESTED! Your Return-On-Investment is actually EXPONENTIAL... so don't be cheap and decide who will be that person for you... the faster you move, the faster you grow & expand you business and your presence.  






There are so many awesome ways you can consistently, effectively and sustainably build your personal brand in today's economy.

It is become very easy for everyone to launch a business in just a couple of hours via online technology.

You can blog daily if you want about your business, service or products.

You can do videos and LIVE streams shows to build an audience.

You can position yourself as the EXPERT, the AUTHORITY in your area or industry.

You can very inexpensively buy Sponsored Ads in platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and many others.

You can ask for referrals even from existing or past clients.

You can cross-promote with other businesses who share the same client-base. And we can go on and on...  


Now, what are you going to do to STAND OUT from the crowd... to be SEEN, to be HEARD in your marketplace?


Invest some time creating your very own Marketing, Advertising and Sales strategies because your ability to do them will ensure the future success of your business. It is critical that you know that!  


I want to THANK YOU for investing your time here, learning how to EXPAND YOUR PRESENCE in your marketplace.


And as an extra gift for you, here is a show I did with Erica several months ago. ENJOY IT!  




With much Love,  


~Ms. Pino.



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