by Ms. Pino on 17 January, 2022

Have you ever felt confused? Have you felt like you don’t know which way to go? … in your life. … in your love relationship. … in your career or business. We all have felt very confused at one point or another. Then, what? Being confused can be of great value… when we are confused, we are must likely not to make any decisions on the spot… and that time-delay can very well be [...]

by Ms. Pino on 4 January, 2022

After so many weeks into this challenge, many of you will derail, will stop showing up, will find new excuses, will come up with new doubts and fears to stop yourself from moving forward… and you will do that because you are afraid of the unkown… you are afraid of what you look like as a successful person, a wealthy person. So, it is easier and more comfortable to stay on the known, comfortable and familiar realm that you have [...]